Blue eyes / Brown Eyes: A Class Divided Documentary Video

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I remember seeing the documentary “A Class Divided” a long time ago. As educators we often read through statistics and summaries on the impact that different teaching strategies have on student performance. However, statistics lack a human quality that I feel is so important for true understanding. That is what I love about the documentary A Class Divided. The documentary gives you a saddening glimpse into the consequences of judgemental teaching. Jane’s documentary is amazing because it makes the subject matter really easy to understand. She implements a strategy and you see the positive or negative repercussions of that teaching strategy almost right away. It’s fascinating to say the least.

This has repercussions on so many of teaching environments today. For example, if you’re teaching a group of students and your consistently giving a student 52% on their test results…. what bigger impact is that having on them? If you’re an educator, that’s an important question you need to ask yourself.

I don’t think Jane Elliott’s documentary about discrimination would be allowed to take place today, but I feel as a community such a documentary is so important to help us humanize what some of the data on educational techniques mean, and it shines a light (a very bright light) on the consequences of making your students feel inferior. The lesson: treat your students as inferior and they will act inferior.

You can see the film here.

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