Business Development Professional

Using partner training

Help Businesses Effectively Grow 

Provide your customers and partners with training to help them grow their business efficiently. From increasing profits to decreasing the cost of operations, the Academy Of Mine LMS is an effective tool for business development.

Train your customers and partners in one place

Streamline all of your business services using an LMS designed for customer, partner, and employee training.

  • Connect with CRMs like Salesforce, marketing hubs like HubSpot, and other tools.
  • Create customer portals for each company or group of customers you’re training.
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Scale with on-demand training

Eliminate inefficiencies in your business by training at scale using on-demand courses.

  • Create engaging training courses using different activities and assignments.
  • Transform loose training materials into interactive courses that customers can take in their own time, indefinitely.
  • Courses can be accessed 24/7 by customers.

Sell training courses to businesses

Offer training courses and webinars online for businesses to purchase. Help customers in different industries increase revenue and close success gaps in their own time.

  • Sell courses and webinars to individuals or organizations.
  • Advertise your courses online without needing a third-party eCommerce site.
  • Let businesses use self-checkout to purchase training courses.
  • Take payments using popular payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree by PayPal, and more.
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Train in Real-Time with Webinars

Manage and Train customers, partners, and employees using webinars inside of your platform.

  • By default, connect with Zoom, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and MS Teams.
  • Ask us to custom integrate with a different webinar tool.

Visually brand your platform 

Customize your LMS to visually look like your brand, so your customers can feel at home while growing their business.

  • Attach a logo, brand colors, and other visual assets to the LMS.
  • Create custom pages for different customers and partners.
  • Customize footers, menus, and other texts.
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