Introducing: Recommended products & Auto-enroll users

1 min read | Oct 10, 2023
Introducing: Recommended products & Auto-enroll users cover image

You can now help your users find additional products that might interest them with related products. We've added the ability to show related eCommerce products on single-product, cart, and thank you pages.

Do you want all your users to automatically have access to some standard courses? We've added the ability to auto-enroll users in courses once they have registered in the system.

Here's a full list of new features added:

In addition, we've added improvements across the platform.

  • Updated roles and permissions.
  • Updated the Stripe API to incorporate the latest Stripe API release.
  • Updated to allow students to view the minimum time required to complete each module within a course, making tracking progress easier.
  • Updated the Course Catalog to display both the date and time for instructor-led products, providing users with more detailed information.
  • Updated to remove the "View As Student" button. Instead, a new "My Learning" sidebar menu has been introduced for enrolled users to easily access their courses.

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