Customization Philosophy.

We know our clients have the highest likelihood of succeeding when their unique, individual needs are met with access to the eLearning platform customizations they need as their businesses continue to grow.

Over +75% of our clients have benefited from having their eLearning platform custom built by us.

We believe strongly in the value that custom software solutions bring to business owners: if each business is unique in their needs and the customers they serve, why wouldn’t each business also need a software solution custom built to its own specific requirements?

We call this our Customization Philosophy; this is the belief that guides us and also what drives us to bring clients the customizations they need, when they need them.

Our Customization Philosophy is brought to our clients via a three-prong approach:

FREE Development Hours 

Our clients are most successful when they have easy access to the features they need available in their eLearning platform. 

To make this happen, all our service plans include FREE complimentary development hours, allowing you to adapt your eLearning platform to your own, specific needs. 

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eLearning Platform Customization 

We believe your eLearning platform should adapt and grow with you, not the other way around. 

With your plan’s FREE development hours, you’re able to have the features you need custom built for your eLearning platform when you need them. 

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Custom Software Integration 

We get that your eLearning platform needs to connect with the software you rely on and that those integrations are a crucial part of successfully running your eLearning business.

If we don’t currently have the software integration you need, we’ll build it for you. 

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