How to Identify an Effective Online Teaching Strategy

1 min read | Jun 7, 2014
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Matches Student Level

This means that you have to determine how much they know and how much they don’t know. The manner of teaching will largely depend upon the current knowledge and skill level of your students. Failure to identify this and weave this information into your teaching strategy will result in a mismatch between your teaching style and your student’s capability to receive and learn.

In order to determine your student’s level, you can at first give diagnostic exams, have a sample of works sent to you, or you can even simply have a chat, veering towards you finding out your student’s experiences and knowledge.

Fine-Tuned to the Subject Matter

There are different ways to teach, like there are different ways to tell a story. Knowing your subject matter well will enable you to make sure that the techniques that you use are well suited to the subject matter you are teaching.

This means that the way you teach has to be relevant and significant to what you are going to teach. The techniques should be learning experiences as much as the lesson is.

Makes the Lesson Interesting and Fun

What many teachers often forget is that learning should not only be an educational experience but also a fun one. We should not neglect the enjoyment of students while gaining new knowledge, because actually, it if more often than not the fun factor that encourages students to keep at it, to stay motivated and interested in the lessons. As teachers, this is our goal: To make sure our students are more and more encouraged to keep learning.

Therefore, an effective teaching strategy is one that makes provision for a fun time. This is very important with online lessons, because there is very little that we can work with to make lessons interesting and fun. So the more we are able to achieve it in our lessons, the better our lessons are. Perhaps this entails a change in the way we start our lessons, the way we speak, the kind of materials that we give out.

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