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High-volume training needed for varied groups quickly can become an unmanageable and overwhelming task. To effectively execute training at this level, utilizing an all-in-one, enterprise-ready platform is critical to streamlining an otherwise herculean operation. With unlimited users, unlimited courses and platform customization available to build the features and external integrations you need, the Academy Of Mine platform is designed to scale with your organization as it continues to grow.


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Save both time & money

The more employees an organization has, the more time and money it takes to manage and evaluate whether its employee training is effective, with this challenge being especially pronounced for enterprise-level companies. Online training empowers enterprise businesses to more efficiently enroll, manage, and evaluate employees’ training in a cost-effective way.

Extended enterprise companies boast an unbelievable ROI with online training

IBM reported that for every $1 invested in online employee training, they experienced $30 of increased employee productivity! That’s a 3,000% ROI! Can you think of anything else that so easily results in an astronomical return on investment?

Streamlining business processes by integrating with external solutions

Chances are that an enterprise-level company uses a variety of software to manage and evaluate the performance of its workforce. Can you imagine the valuable insight that could be gleaned if these programs could talk to each other? Simplify processes and increase access to valuable data by opting to integrate your platform with the talent management solutions you rely on.

Deliver standardized & seamless training across different geographic locations

Enterprise-level companies face additional challenges when time and distance separate employees, creating further obstacles when seeking to build a cohesive company culture and deliver consistent training company-wide. Online training overcomes this problem by ensuring all employee training is standardized across satellite locations and easily accessible to any employee at any time.

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