How is Academy Of Mine different from other LMS providers?

No other current LMS platform on the market does what we do! Our strength lies in three areas in which we excel:
1. Our personalized customer service (24/7 live support! and the ability to actually reach a real, live person). No more being limited to regular business hours or waiting for Monday morning to arrive!
2. An eLearning Platform custom built to your specifications is a standard feature for all of our plans! Learn more about our pricing plan options.
3. Additional Services to supercharge your entire eLearning Business including custom website development, Course and Instructional Design, Migration from existing Platforms and many more. Read more about the Services we offer.


Where is Academy Of Mine Located?

Our United States headquarters is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but we also have team members internationally.


Is Academy Of Mine a big company?

No! We’re small and want to stay that way. We do not want to be a popular “lowest common denominator” option for eLearning customers. We’re kind of an old-fashioned, yet modern, company. Old fashioned with our accessible, personal customer service (where you can still talk to a real person!), and modern in our focus on building the highest quality platform to help eCourse sellers sell their courses online while at the same time ensuring students get the most out of their eLearning experience.

“Whereas for larger LMS platforms their customers are likely just a number to them, we take pride in the fact we are on a first-name basis with our clients and that we are just an email away should they need our help.”


How long does it take to set up?

Once you sign up we can generally have you up and running within 24 hours. After this, you’ll be able to populate your site with your course content.
- If your course content is already developed, it shouldn’t take too long to set up and will mostly just be a matter of populating your course content into the right sections of the LMS.
- If you are just beginning to create your course content and still in the online course development stage, it may take you a bit longer to get up and running. However, when you are ready to go “live” with your site you can simply add “enroll now” buttons and students will be able to start signing up right away!
As a general rule of thumb, you should count on two weeks to develop your course front-end, two weeks to upload your course content and configure your student backend, and then at least 4-12 weeks to focus on optimizing for “head” and “long tail” search terms to help you drive traffic to your site.


I like what I see... but will you build my site for me? I am not very technical

Yes, we offer website design as an additional service. Read more about our website design services.

Please note, all of our clients have access to our Training Videos and FAQs/Tutorials, allowing them to be able to put together a quality website and LMS with all the features highlighted earlier. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company our goal is to provide a consistent product to all our clients and with our Expert customer support we are always here to assist you in troubleshooting any difficulties.


How does it all work?

It’s very easy to set you up as an Academy Of Mine member and get you started selling your courses online. When you sign up, you get all these great features:

1. Your own 100% fully white-labeled branded website. We will provide you with a fully hosted sample/demo eCourse website which already has all the components (landing page, course offerings, etc.) ready. You then take this and customize it to your needs. Having your own website allows you to stand out from competitors and our suite of tools ensures that you have all the resources at your disposal to create and grow your own brand.

2. Course Creation and LMS platform. We provide you with a fully integrated and scalable Course Creation and LMS platform out of the box!

The platform includes:
- Unlimited courses with options to have paid and free chapters/units
- Timed quizzes
- Assignments
- Certificates and badges
- Students taking courses can interact with you and other members via forums and discussions
- And many more versatile features!

3. Webinar Integration. We also provide Webinar Integrations with Zoom, GoTo including live chat, screen sharing and whiteboarding. This comes as an add-on cost to your existing subscription and pricing depends on your specific needs.

4. eCommerce capability. You can sell your courses with ease using our eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with your classes. You can accept credit cards and Paypal for your paid courses.

5. Powerful eCourse marketing software. Our marketing platform, Mission Control, will show you exactly where you are in the marketing and visibility “race” in your niche. We provide 30 marketing tools to help you grow your online eCourse company. Some of these tools include the ability to research keywords, see who your competitors are, what terms people are searching for online related to your business, etc. Using this suite of tools, you can effectively optimize your site and get meaningful visitors who will have a high probability of conversion.

6. Access to hours of Training Materials. Learn how to use our platform and optimize your site for enrollments and sales by going through our comprehensive educational tutorials aimed at teaching eCourse sellers how to succeed in selling their courses online. Wanting to give our clients the tools to succeed, we created these tutorials so that you have all the necessary knowledge to start building, selling and marketing your courses.

After you sign up you will be redirected to our new member page. This page will ask you basic questions about the course(s) you plan on offering, such as:
- Your domain name (you can also register your domain through us at no cost!)
- Course name and type of course

Once we have all this information from you we will set up your site architecture, security settings, eCommerce, course website and student backend. The site will be populated with temporary content to get you started. After this, we will then walk you through the process of branding your site and student backend to fit your needs.


How much can I make running my business on AOM?

This would depend on your industry’s eLearning market and how much time and work you dedicate into building your marketing efforts and refining your business model. Like any business, there is commitment required and risk involved in building it to be a success. We take pride in the fact that our clients are entrepreneurs themselves whose hard work has built their companies from the bottom up. The sky is the limit, really.


Who are your clients?

Great question. We have had clients from a variety of backgrounds, but primarily our clients have come from these spaces:

Business Services or Business Consulting
- Continuing Education
- Professional Training & Certifications
- Postsecondary Education
- Healthcare
- Information Technology
- Nonprofits
- Various aspects of STEM

As of late, we have noticed a trend of clients in the Continuing Education and Professional Certifications fields.

Different clients utilize our platform for different reasons:

- Some of our clients are entrepreneurs in eLearning (or are looking to get into eLearning), and are currently running eCourses as their business and use our platform to manage their own brand, sell their courses and do aggressive marketing.
- But we also cater to organizations, including nonprofits, that need to provide internal training to their members and employees and utilize our LMS platform to deliver educational content to them. Our platform allows the flexibility to create internal training portals for an organization without needing an eCommerce module to charge for courses.

The flexibility and customizations found in the Academy Of Mine eLearning platform are what allows it to be used successfully by such a wide audience.


Can I sell to businesses instead of individuals?

Yes, you can! You could sell a bulk license to the business and then get the business’s students/users added to the courses individually.

For example, ABC, Inc. has 50 employees that they want to train using your courses. You could sell the entire package to one representative from ABC, Inc. who could then get the individual employees added to the course.

See our B2B Customer Portals for more information on this feature.


Can I sell things other than eCourses?

Currently, the following sales are supported:

- eLearning courses
- Live In-Person courses
- Live Stream/Virtual courses
- eBooks


What languages does the AOM platform support?

You can build your eCourse site in one of the following languages:

- English (default)
- Spanish
- French
- German
- Mandarin
- Afrikaans
- Dutch
- Swedish
- Thai
- Turkish
- Portuguese
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Don’t see the language you need supported? Contact Us to see if it can be added.

RTL supported languages are not available yet but we are looking to add that as an option.

Note: At this time a single website cannot support the ability to switch to multiple languages, meaning each language you wish to build a website in will have to each be its own separate website.


How do I get paid?

Once your course is up and running you will be able to accept payments via credit card and PayPal. You keep 100% of your income and all transactions go through a payment processor and then are deposited into your account.


Are you SCORM, TIN CAN (xAPI) compatible?

- We support importing a SCORM package into the platform. You can import packages created using various authoring tools including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter, Storyline, Rise, ISpring solutions, etc. This works out of the box.
- We are also Tin Can (xAPI, Experience API) compatible, allowing you to access all the additional functionality available to Tin Can users.

Not familiar with SCORM or Tin Can? Take a look at our blog post about SCORM & Tin Can.


How does student payment work on the platform?

We integrate with a number of payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, PayuLatam, EWay, PayFast, Peach Payments and others.

Your students can be anywhere in the world taking their course as long as they use a valid Credit Card or Paypal. However, you as our client must be from one of the following countries due to payment restrictions:

- North America (United States, Canada)
- Europe
- Australia
- Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, India)
- Africa (South Africa, Nigeria)
- Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Columbia)

If you are from a country that is not listed above it does not mean that you cannot be our client, but it does mean we would need to evaluate whether we could provide you with the solution you need to make your eCourses available. You should definitely talk to us if you have any questions about this!


Can students enroll for my courses directly from my website?

Yes! Students will always enroll in your courses from your website. Students will enroll on and all payment processing happens on our state-of-the-art secure servers.


Can I offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to my students?

Yes. absolutely. The platform actually offers several different flexible options to suit your needs:

Multiple courses where some are subscriptions while others can just be one time payments.
Tiered subscriptions where you can have a package of courses offered within the tiers.
Need another pricing structure? Talk to us.


What kind of materials can I upload in courses?

Your courses can be made of text, HTML, images, PDFs, videos, SCORM/TinCan packages, PowerPoint, audio and many other media formats.


Do you offer video hosting? Or do I need to get my own?

Yes, we do offer video hosting. We are happy to work with you to host your course videos on our server. You can also embed videos from 3rd party platforms such as Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard and many others.

- Fully secure, private videos to host for your courses. No one can download them if you do not want them to.
- Option to make videos public for marketing and landing pages.
- Full analytics capability including number of video plays, percentage played, etc.


Is my course content protected?

To the extent that any content can be protected on the internet, yes, your course content will be protected. Not only that you will also be able to monitor your account for any suspicious activity from your admin dashboard. For example, if a student is giving out their login information you will be able to see monitor activity easily from the dashboard.

If you upload copyrighted materials, including images, the access is fully restricted only to members that are approved to take your courses. We also make sure that your videos cannot be downloaded, even by your student


How much does it cost?

See our Pricing Plans.


Are there any contracts? What if I want to leave?

Yes and no. By default, unless you are on an annual plan, all plans are month-to-month.

If you should choose to leave, please note you will not be able to take the software with you since you are leasing it from us but you can ask for an export your data including Users, Student Data, eCommerce orders and any other relevant data.

If you do want to also take our custom codebase and data with you to another provider to self install/manage, we can offer that for a one-time-fee. Note that this fee does not include a professional services fee in the event you want us to install it for you. Also, once you leave us we will not be able to provide ongoing support unless you are a current client.


Do you offer a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds. However, we do have a FREE 30 Day Trial to try out our platform. Once your free trial is over, there is no refund if you decide to keep using the platform. However, you are always able to cancel per the terms of your service.

Click here to Request a FREE Trial.


I already have a site with existing data, can I integrate my existing site with your platform?

Yes, no problem! We will set you up on a subdomain within your existing domain. For example, if your domain is, we would then set up your platform on This way, you have the advantage of keeping the branding of your original domain and are also able to utilize our platform.


Tell me more about the host my site will be on and your uptime guarantee?

Your site will be on one of our servers which are designed to scale for your specific needs. We always make sure we have lots of “headroom” so you never have to worry about downtime or outages. Not only do we have super fast servers, but we also make it faster by putting your site on our Content Delivery Network account. We take our up-time very seriously.


Will my site work on smartphone and tablets?

Yes! Your site will be fully responsive, meaning it will work on all devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


Do I get to use my own domain?

Yes. Your site will be on your own Custom URL (fully white-labeled!). In fact, we prefer you bring your own domain which then makes it very easy to point that domain to our servers for hosting. However, we can register a domain for you as well.


What is your Support model?

We use a Support Ticket system and depending on the nature of the support question, we will be able to respond within minutes to a few hours on average. Phone/Screen Sharing support is also available as needed. With us being a smaller company this allows there always to be a real, accessible person behind every ticket and we try and resolve your issues as fast as possible. Also, your tickets are reviewed by developers who built the Academy Of Mine LMS platform and are truly familiar with it. To your advantage, you talk to the decision makers and not just a help desk “ticket rep.” We strive to make our customers happy by trying to provide a great personalized customer support experience. We mean it.


Does AOM take a percentage of enrollment fees?

No. You keep 100% of your earnings! All you pay us is your monthly or annual fee, in addition to any transaction costs to the credit card provider, etc.


Can I offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to my students?

Yes, absolutely. The platform actually offers several different flexible options to suit your needs:

- Multiple courses where some are subscriptions while others can just be one time payments.
- Tiered subscriptions where you can have a package of courses offered within the tiers.
- Need another pricing structure? Talk to us.