Our Managed Plans provide streamlined and worry free design, management and support of your eLearning Platform by us for you!

Here are some highlights of what our Managed Plans provide:

  • Extensive custom coding and customizations! With our Managed Plans, there is no limit on the type of customizations we will do for your made-to-order elearning platform. Think us as your own personal development team! 8)
  • As-needed development hours start at 15 hours/month:
    * Our Professional Plan includes 15 hours/month of customization, a $15,000+ value annually FREE!
    * Our Enterprise Plan includes 20 hours/month of customization, a $20,000+ value annually FREE!
    * Both plans can be customized depending on your specific needs per your contract.
  • We build your pages with your course content. You provide the content, and let us do the work!
  • Onboard unlimited Corporate Partners (a.k.a Course Manager Feature).
  • Free analysis and migration help from a prior platform.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to you! Our Managed Plan customers have our 24/7 priority support. 🙂
  • Single Sign-On integrations for your company and products.
  • Custom-made 3rd party integrations with systems such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Marketo and other CRM and marketing platforms.
  • Custom contract and terms & conditions based on your individual needs.

How to determine if our Managed Plans are right for you?

Our Managed Plans grew out of us serving our clients who had more needs than our other plans were meeting. Below are some factors that can help determine if one of our Managed Plans might make sense for you:

  • You are a team or organization who can afford a budget of at least $9,500/year for your elearning platform needs.
  • Peace of mind and money saved! 🙂 You know that you have specific needs or requirements that cannot be met by regular elearning platforms. You will ideally need a lot of customizations for your product and business. It makes more sense for you to pay a flat price for customizations and not worry about paying for every customization separately.
  • Your time is valuable! You know the value of having our team of experts manage the creation of your platform, pages and courses.
  • You already have an existing business and you know exactly what is needed to scale it to the next level.
  • You need more control on how and where your data is stored and managed.
  • Your have legal/compliance and other regulatory types of constraints that require a custom contract and terms.


Interested in a Managed Plan ? Schedule a call with our team using our calendar below to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: We never share your information with any third party without your consent. We also don’t send unsolicited marketing emails.