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In a recent blog post we talked about ways to analyze long tail search volume data. This data is important because for this of us with limited time (i.e. all of us) because we need to make sure that when we begin implementing a content marketing strategy for our online courses, that we’re spending our energies on realistic goals. You don’t want begin the content marketing process by choosing 10 keywords that you want to optimize for that are highly relevant to your eCourse’s niche only to find out that they are the 10 most competitive terms in organic and paid search. Trying to rank for those terms would be similar to trying to Run the Boston Marathon before first learning how to run around the block.

In this poll we wanted to ask our eCourse selling audience just how long they spend each month doing keyword research? Do you do keyword research for your online course at all or do you rely solely on intuition and guesswork? We’d love to know!

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