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Continuing Medical Education (CME)  refers to a specific form of Continuing Education (CE) that allows professionals in the medical field to maintain competence and continue to remain educated about new and developing areas in their field. These activities may take place as live events, written publications, online programs, audio, video, or other electronic media. Course content for CME is developed, reviewed, and delivered by subject matter experts who are medical professionals in their individual clinical areas. 

Ongoing CME is required by medical professionals to maintain their medical licenses. CME is also regulated by both state and federal accrediting bodies as well as by medical associations.


Continuing Medical Education

Due to the ever evolving state of medical advancements, the education of those who work in the healthcare field also needs to be continuous and on the forefront of new advancements.

Education is the very foundation of all branches of medicine. The use of an eLearning platform provides a convenient and organized framework through which Continuing Medical Education can take place.

Healthcare Education & Training is medical training that occurs outside of the spectrum of CME and is often the initial training in a field of study. Healthcare education may include doctor or a nurse studying for their medical degree, while healthcare training includes certifications such as for phlebotomists or EMTs. 

Healthcare Education & Training

Healthcare education and training in any field is demanding. Whether you are a nurse studing for your first board exam or physician in your first year of residency, courses available through an eLearning platform fits easily into students’ lives

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