Live Lecture: Engage your students in real time in a Webinar

Have you ever thought about the difference between traditional instruction in a brick-and-mortar school versus eLearning for students who take courses online? While eLearning is convenient and easily fits into students’ live, it also lacks the in-person dynamic which lets students engage in course content while also having first hand access to their instructors. 

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows eLearning instructors to actively teach their students in real time while also enjoying the accessibility of online learning: Live Lecture enables you to engage remotely with your students in a high-quality online learning experience while integrating seamlessly with your eLearning platform.

With Live Lecture, you get all the core capabilities you would expect in a web conference system with live sharing of:

  • Live Audio communication between students and instructors

  • Live Video feed of instructors and students and also recorded videos

  • Presentations (via Powerpoint, PDFs, etc.) with the ability to draw Live Notations for students to see 

  • Screen Sharing for both instructors and students

  • Recording of Sessions for convenient playback later

Live Lecture also helps you engage your students with:

  • Chat (both public and private)

  • Interactive Whiteboard accessible to students and instructors

  • Shared Notes

  • Emojis
  • Polling

  • Breakout Rooms

Live Lecture supports three types of users:

Students are able to send chats, send/receive audio and video, respond to polls and display emoji (such as a raised hand)

Instructors are able to do everything a student is, in addition, to mute/unmute students, lock down students (i.e. restrict them from access to private chat), and assign anyone (including students) the role of Presenter.

Presenters control the presentation area, allowing them to upload slides, annotate the current slide with whiteboard controls, enable/disable multi-user whiteboard, start a poll or share their screen for everyone to see.

Note: an Instructor or Student can only be made a Presenter by an Instructor.

Live Lecture lets you simultaneously video conference, screen share, chat and show students course notes.

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