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White-Label Client Portals

Quickly create training portals for your customers, then onboard large amounts of users into them in one step. Scale your platform by selling courses and delivering programs to multiple external and internal audiences at the same time!

Assign Courses in Bulk

Enroll 1000’s users at a time into portals and manage your customers at scale. Training portals are managed by the customer and given group admin access by you.

  • Group Admins give learners access to courses and have the ability to assign different permissions to users under them (e.g. instructors, students, instructor assistants).

Provide Customers with their own Dashboard

Each group (e.g. a company) gets its own white-labeled dashboard where admins can manage their learners from.

  • Multiple representatives can be set up as admins for one group.
  • Group admins can check users’ progress, message users, extend course durations, and perform all administrative tasks.

Reporting on Groups & Organizations

Group admins have control of the courses and users in their portal and can monitor activity from a high level or zoom in on the details of a specific learner. Just as you can measure your LMS users’ success, so can your customers!

  • Customers can export reports on their learners to analyze results with people outside of their training portal.

Simplify Internal Training

Quickly deliver training to employees, then measure their progress and track results live. Create training portals for different departments and then assign admins to manage each department!

  • Assign training to team members based on their position.
  • Host webinars to live train with team members.
  • Use on-demand training to recertify and train employees on more simple topics.

 Ready to Scale Your Training Platform?