Corporate and Group Onboarding

Many of our clients chose Academy of Mine because they are looking to sell their courses in bulk directly to companies and businesses. With our Group Onboarding feature, we allow clients to sell course seats in big numbers and delegate the complete student management process to representatives of the company. This helps clients sell corporate-focused courses in an incredibly scalable manner.

Bulk selling

Instead of selling courses one-by-one, clients have the ability to sell multiple licenses to their course in one go. This way, it becomes possible to sell a course to an entire organization and provide access to the course for all their employees, customers, and clients accordingly. If you are selling courses primarily focused on business and corporate clients, our Group Manager feature will allow you to streamline the selling process and lay a foundation for scalability.

Segregated dashboard

Each group (e.g. a company) gets their own dashboard where they can manage their students themselves. Multiple representatives can be set up as admins for the group, and each representative can manage their own segment of students, without being able to access the students of others. Checking student progress, messaging with all students in their section, extending course duration or revoking access, and much more functionality will be taken out of your hands and given to the group admins.


Each group can get insight into the progress and activity of their students from their respective dashboards. Using Gradebook and Activity they can collect information on the progression of a student through a course as well evaluate quizzes, assignments, and discussions. Furthermore, each admin will be able to export reports on the entire group of students they are managing for a course as well as on all the courses a particular student is in.

Want to learn how to sell to Organizations or in bulk ?

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