Live virtual training & webinars

Set up live courses and webinars that allow you to give classes to students across the globe in real-time, all from within your LMS. Include slides, documents, and course content, and have discussions with your students right there next to the content. Live virtual training and webinars allow you to combine the best of both worlds – online courses and in-person training, and you can do it all from within your new eLearning platform

Web conferencing capability

Enjoy full web conferencing capability with video, audio, integrated presentations (PPT, PDF, etc.) with draw and notation functionality, screen sharing, session recording, real-time chat with students, and more.

Engage with students

Communicate with your students via public chat and private messaging, or make us of the interactive whiteboard and note-sharing capability. Furthermore, you can survey and poll your students in real-time, right from within the live course environment.

Multiple user roles

Students are able to send chats, send and receive audio and video, respond to polls and display emojis (such as a raised hand, thumbs up, etc.).

Instructors are able to do everything a student can, as well as mute/unmute students, lock down students (i.e. restrict them from access to private chat), and assign anyone (including students) the role of Presenter.

Presenters control the presentation area, allowing them to upload slides, annotate the current slide with whiteboard controls, enable/disable multi-user whiteboard, start a poll or share their screen for everyone to see.

Live classes and training within your LMS

Live virtual training lets you simultaneously run a video conference, share your screen, chat with students, and much more.

Ready to get started?

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