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Academy Of Mine serves clients in various professional training industries where students are not only required to complete structured and timed content, but also have to go through rigorous training courses to achieve certifications. 


How Can We Help?

Retain employees longer while also increasing revenue

42% of companies report that online training has had a direct impact on increased revenue, while the majority of younger workers report that when ongoing professional development is not offered by their employer, they are more likely to leave for another opportunity.

Host engaging course content that promotes ongoing development

Employ a variety of media to craft compelling course content that encourages ongoing professional development. Upload PDFs, videos, PowerPoint presentations, SCORM packages and other types of media formats.

Create a work culture of continuous learning

A Harvard Business Publishing survey reports 54% of the workforce will require significant training and upskilling within the next five years. Establish an expert workforce and stay ahead of industry trends by creating an environment where employees can easily access relevant professional training.

Use performance analytics to drive decision making

Leverage analytical data to make smart business decisions. Effortlessly pull reporting to see the impact that training has made on your workforce. Tie specific training back to granular performance views, including individual employees and specific departments.

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