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As mandated by OSHA and other regulatory agencies, access to safety training is crucial across a variety of industries to ensure both employee safety and maintain compliance with state and federal laws. To remain open for business, companies require safety training company-wide for employees.

The Academy Of Mine platform is adaptable to your specific business needs as a safety training course seller. Whether you need to easily sell courses in bulk direct to companies for employees’ safety training or you need a specific platform feature modified for your class to be eligible as an OSHA-approved course, your platform is able to be customized to your specific business needs.


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User-friendly interface easily used by any student, any where

Whether your students are savvy with technology or not, inside of your platform is a streamlined UX that can be intuitively navigated by any student, anywhere at their own convenience.


Deliver both self-paced courses or live webinar trainings (or both!)

Your platform provides the flexibility to offer multi-faceted course programming. Build convenient and engaging self-paced courses with different media including PDFs, videos, PowerPoint presentations, SCORM packages and other formats. Choose to offer real-time training with your own live webinar solution built into your platform. Or, choose to design courses that combine both self-paced and live sessions into one class.


Course certificates can be customized

Automatically generated at the completion of a course, printable course certificates are available immediately for each student’s documentation. Certificates can also be customized to include logos, license numbers, course information or to include any information required by a safety board.

Your platform adapts to your business’s requirements

Whether you need a customized eCommerce solution, a platform feature modified or to integrate your platform with an external solution you have that option with the Academy Of Mine platform.

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