Earn Money Selling Your Courses Online

1 min read | Aug 26, 2013
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1. Selling Infrastructure: We set up and host your front-end course or membership selling site. Your site will be able to accept student payments directly from a checkout page located on your site and then redirect students to a “new student” registration page where they will need to fill out important information regarding their enrollment in your online course or membership site. Your sales front-end will be search engine optimized to help you gain maximum exposure to your course by optimizing for both general search terms as well as “long tail” searches for your niche . We want to help your online course reach explosive enrollment growth levels. We work with you on a month to month basis to ensure your site is optimized and selling as many enrollments as possible.

2. Educational Infrastructure: Now that students have signed up for your course, they’ll need a place to go and learn. We’ll set you up with an educational infrastructure where students can add their student profile, interact with other students and teachers, take quizzes and tests, upload assignments, register for live online lectures and much more!

3. Monthly Conversion Rate & Traffic Optimization: As one of our clients you’ll also receive monthly conversion rate and traffic optimization help. We do a lot of testing and experimentation on your site to find out what works and what doesn’t. If you start out with us converting 1% of your visitors into paying students or members, we’ll work with you to try and get that number to 2%… then 3%… then 4% and so on. This makes the traffic that comes to your course or membership selling website a more valuable asset to you. Once we’ve optimized your conversion rate, we’ll start focusing on organic and high quality referral traffic.

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