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Social LMS: The future of online education

2 min read | Jan 23, 2015
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  • Interactive capability using “Groups” and “Forums”: For teachers and students to interact, a Forum style setting is a great idea where back and forth discussions can take place, members can share attachments like images, documents for quick feedback etc. The idea of a forum could be done in a couple of ways:

a) Open Forum which allows any members to participate. This could be useful if you are just starting out with your LMS and want to build an audience.

Think about it this way. If you are just starting out in the online education space and trying to create a business selling courses online, you will need to build a community that identifies with what you are offering and wants to be active participant in your community. An “Open Forum” is a great way of achieving that as you don’t even need to have online courses ready but can easily create engaging topics of discussion within your niche and invite members to participate. By the time you are ready to sell your courses on your platform, you will hopefully have created a tight knit community of members who already believe in you, have vetted your idea and now could be your first paying customers.

b) Closed Forum only available to subscribed students to the course/LMS. This could be achieved by creating a pre-defined “group” which will only consist of the members within the course. This could be very useful if you want to restrict the interaction only to students and teachers who are applicable to a specific course.

  • Messaging and Notifications: A course within an LMS can have many students and it will be great if those students can actually talk to each other as well via private messages, getting notified whenever an instructor has updated anything on the course and many more features like these.
  • Social Profile for the member: Every Student and Teacher would have their social profiles automatically linked. This includes facebook, Twitter, linkedin, instagram etc which will enable speedier communication and also connection between the members.

At Academy-Of-Mine, we are trying to do exactly this with our Social LMS within our online education platform. In fact, we have enhanced the Social LMS features based on constant feedback from our clients who have given us some excellent recommendations in terms of the features that they wanted in a social lms.

When it comes to online education, there is so much room for innovation which can be overwhelming at times for a user. Platforms like ours are trying to make it easy for those entrepreneurs to quickly get up and running with courses online.

If you are interested in a demo, you can reach out for a demo or contact us here.

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