Dazzle Your Students With our Backend

1 min read | Aug 26, 2013
Dazzle Your Students With our Backend cover image

As an online course seller you’re going to want to stand out from the crowd and give the students who enroll in your online course a student experience that exceeds their expectations.

As a course seller, a lot of the value a student finds your course (besides the value contained with your lessons) will be contained within the educational platform you’re using to teach them. They will judge you, your company and brand based on the technological complexity, intuitiveness and visual layout of your learning platform.

We’ve spent years getting students feedback about their educational preferences when it comes to learning online and we design your student platform with these student needs in mind. Best of all, we constantly test our student backend with students to ensure we are staying up to date with current design and technology trends. So you never have to worry about looking “out of date”. We stay on top of these things for you!

The platform is also completely customizable. That being said, we set you up with our default settings which we find students prefer. However, each online course is unique with a unique set of student requirements so we’re happy to tweak our student backend to meet your technological and visual needs.

You can learn more about how our services work by visiting our feature page.

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