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Adding Skype Video Calls To Your WordPress Blog

2 min read | Feb 11, 2014
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If you’re like many online entrepreneurs running consulting websites, coaching websites or teaching websites you’re probably going to want to add a video chat option for your site users.

However, video chat is often just one feature of a much bigger platform. If you’re selling your training courses online you’ll likely need a platform to deliver your content and services (called a Learning Management System or LMS for short) and you’ll need tools within that LMS to help you communicate with your users. Video chat is one of those tools within your LMS. By embedding video chat right into your website you’re allowing your visitors to meet with you face to face in real-time.

Adding Skype video chat into your WordPress blog is a great way to help you accomplish this for free. By installing a plugin like Skype Master you’ll be able to add a small widget into your sidebar that allows your site’s visitors to chat with you at pre-determined times.

This is a great blanket solution for your eLearning, eCoaching or eConsulting WordPress site. However, there are also some drawbacks to going this route.


Let’s say you require a WordPress site with video chat capabilities. You probably want the experience to be completely seamless for your site users. Using Skype you’re not going to achieve that. You don’t want them to have to login to your protected members-only area using one username and password combination and then have them login to third party software programs using other username and password combinations. You should be trying to streamline the communication process and simplify the experience for the user whenever you can. The more “digital walls” you put up, the more you unnecessarily complicate the experience from a user’s standpoint.


Similarly, as you add more branded plugins you end up diluting your own brand. Installing ten branded third party plugins into your WordPress site would make your users experience look pretty fragmented. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s a great option for offering a feature rich website with the free options that are available to you. But from your users’ point-of-view, it might not be the most professional or most convenient approach.

Taking this route you might end up using one tool for video chat, another tool for group text chat, another tool white boarding, another tool for group email, another tool for desktop sharing and so on.

What would be a more ideal solution is to use software plugins that come “white labeled” and allow you to brand everything so that it fits into the look and feel of your own WordPress website. Even better, is that one login would give access to all of these features without your users needing to download additional software or login to multiple programs. With one login, they would get access to all of these LMS features.


We offer a fully integrated option with live 1-on-1 private video chat, white boarding, screen sharing, text based group chat, a private email system and a social network that only requires one login to access everything. Your users won’t be required to download any additional software. And best of all, your website won’t be bombarded with third party brands.

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