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What Is The Average Conversion Rate (CR) For An Online Course?

2 min read | Feb 2, 2014
What Is The Average Conversion Rate (CR) For An Online Course? cover image

The conversion rate of your online course is one of the most important metrics that eCourse sellers need to monitor. Your Conversion Rate (CR) will have a huge impact on how much money your eCourse makes because it’s a measurement of how many visitors you’re able to convert into paying students.

Better eCourse Conversion Rates Makes Your Traffic More Valuable

We were doing some testing on a client’s site recently who had an online course priced at around $400. Generally speaking, more expensive courses like this will convert at a lower conversion rate than online courses being sold for under $100. However, that’s not to say there isn’t always room for improvement. And since this is what we do at Academy Of Mine, we got to work on the client’s eCourse website and we started testing and refining.

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What Would A 183% Increase In Converion Rate Mean For Your Online Course?

Our client’s site was currently getting a .52% conversion rate. That means, for every 200 visitors around 1 person would enroll in their course. Which isn’t bad for a course with a price point this high. But we thought we could do better so we got to work.

Step 1: We Changed The Design

The first thing we did was update the design of the website. We modernized the site and made it mobile compatible. This immediately changed the site’s bounce rate from 12.5% to 1.5% which meant a LOT more people were staying on the site.

Another positive consequence of the design change was that page views sky-rocketed (more than doubled). This means potential students who visited the site were spending more time on the site and visiting more pages.

So remember, at this point, we didn’t touch anything other than design. Absolutely nothing. No sales page changes, no navigation changes and we didn’t add anything new. We just updated what already existed. besides the beneficial metrics jumps mentioned above, the site’s conversion rate (which we were primarily focused on) jumped from .52% to 1.1% (which might not seem like much but it’s a 112% increase). This meant that now roughly 1 out of 100 potential students who visited the site purchased from our client (up from 1 out of 200). This translated into thousands of dollars in additional enrolment sales without even changing the sales copy on the site and without increasing traffic.

But we didn’t stop there

Step 2: Split A/B Testing On Sales Copy

After our design changes, we did some split A/B testing, changed some design elements and we added a few persuasive assets to the sales pages. We started testing some pretty major tweaks at this point. Some modifications worked and others didn’t. But when the dust settled our winning sales page increased the conversion rate of the eCourse site from 1.1% to 1.47%. Which again… might not seem like a lot but it’s a 33% jump from the previous CR and it’s a 183% jump from the original Conversion Rate of .52. This translated into tens of thousands of dollars in additional enrolment sales.

Making More Money Without Increasing Your Traffic

And the great news is that we did this for our client without even increasing their eCourse traffic. We just optimized what already existed and improved their conversion rate, revenue/visitor metric, their bounce rate, and their daily page views.

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