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e-Learning Solutions – All in One Option For EduPreneurs

3 min read | May 8, 2014
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The problem with many e-learning solutions is that they are often designed in an isolated way, sort of as “stand alone” options, without regard for how they will interact with the other parts of the eLearning ecosystem. Generally speaking, each piece isn’t designed to fit into the bigger picture of what online educators are really looking for. Sure, each piece might do a great job of what it’s supposed to do. But, if it doesn’t function properly with the other parts within the complex system, then what’s the point?


Let me give you a few examples. Let’s say you find great Learning Management System Software to help you administer your course online. However, the website provider you host your website on may not have the right version of php installed for the calendar component of that particular LMS to function properly. So do you get a new host or a new LMS?

Or maybe you’re looking to stream video between your teachers and students, but again, maybe your host won’t allow you to have Red5 installed on your server. Again, do you ditch the idea of streaming video, or do you get a dedicated server which will allow you to install Red5 on the root directory?

Or Maybe you’re using WordPress as your LMS (as many of you are), but what if your LMS isn’t compatible with your eCommerce software?

Or let’s say you’re running a WordPress Chat room (for your live lectures). Depending on which chat plugin you’re using, your members profile images might not be used at their primary chat profile picture. Your members might need to upload their profile picture twice, in two different places, which of course isn’t ideal and can cause quite a bit of confusion amongst your students.

Some of these “bugs” are small, and in fact, may even be able to be ignored. However, others are big enough to stop your entire system from working. The list of compatibility issues can go on and on and on (as many of you know who have tried to develop online courses by yourself).


When you’re offering a course online, the reality is, that you can sometimes have hundreds of these “moving parts” that you need to make compatible with each other. Offering an eCourse online requires a very dynamic system. It can be quite complex, especially if you plan on doing it right. That’s where Academy of Mine comes in.

We create a “mash up” of the best eLearning solutions for our members to use. Best of all, not only do we give our members the training platform to teach online (that works “out of the box” because we’ve already made the pieces “play nicely together”), but we also give our members the marketing platform to be able to promote and sell their courses online.


Our members have a huge edge over the competition because we provide a “dashboard” where they get access to data pulled from a variety of data centers (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Majestic SEO, Moz etc) that show them:

  1. How they are doing and where they are ranking for the keywords they are actively trying to rank for.
  2. What keywords have high global search volume, and low competition (this gives our members a “quick win” and a fairly instant boost in traffic.
  3. Where conversations are happening online (blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter etc) so that our members can be notified of those conversations so they can then go and add their voice to the discussion.
  4. The ability to reverse engineer the top ranking sites for any keyword to find out what they are doing to win the race for that particular search phrase. You can then compare your own site, in a side by side comparison, to find out where you are in the race and discover what needs to be done for you to rank higher.

Essentially, our platform is so much more than just an e-Learning platform and we like to think of ourselves as the only e-learning platform option for entrepreneurial minded educators. We have, not only your students’ learning objectives as one of our primary focuses, but also your financial goals as an eCourse seller.

If you’d like to learn more about our eLearning solutions you can visit our homepage or go and take our demo site for a ride!

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