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Legal Training & CLE

Following obtaining a law degree or legal certificate, legal training and continuing legal education is an ongoing part of the professional lives of both lawyers and paralegals as well as some industry specialists who benefit from legal training in niche areas of business. 

The majority of legal professionals are primarily licensed at a state level, with the ability to practice in multiple states if licensed, but also are able to practice at the federal level if admitted to a federal jurisdiction. 

Laws being specific to federal, state, county and municipal levels, all training and continuing legal education must be approved and specific to where the area of law is being practiced. Much of legal training and CLE is also driven by specialized areas of law, with both private and public sector law professionals primarily being devoted to dedicated areas they become experts in. 

Due to ongoing changes in legal code at all levels of government, continued training of current and upcoming law is fundamental to legal practice. Conveniently, preparation for any legal training or CLE course can be done online in an eLearning platform.  

See below for a slideshow of our Legal Training & CLE clients hosted in the Academy Of Mine eLearning Platform.

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