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5 Benefits of White-Labeling your LMS and Training Portals

3 min read | Dec 2, 2021
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When consumers or organizations do business with another company, they’re considering the brand just as much as you would be considering someone’s personality when befriending them! According to Forbes – “Branding has always been a vital part of business, but it may be more important now than ever before. With social media, consumers get exposed to new brands every day.”

Building a powerful brand means your business is worth far more than just the products and services it has to offer. There are plenty of companies that offer good training systems, but not all of them have an established brand! Whether you’re training customers, partners, employees, or all of them using an LMS; branding is one of the easiest ways to highlight your value.

So, what does white-labeling have to do with this, why is it important for training your audience, and how can it be done using an LMS like Academy Of Mine?

What is White Labeling?

White-labeling your LMS means dressing up your learning platform to look and feel like your company. For example, replacing vendor logos, colors, and other visual aspects in the platform with your company logo and brand assets.

If you’re only using an LMS to train internally, then white-labeling the platform will be all that’s required. On the contrary, companies that are training external audiences like customers and partners will need to go a step further and create white-labeled training portals.

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Customer Training Portals

Portals are isolated training environments that LMS admins can create and use to separate customer training into different segments/groups. These groups can be white-labeled just like the main LMS. Visually branding portals allows your customers to train comfortably with their teams!

Why is White-Labeling Important?

White labeling your LMS helps create a trustworthy and personalized learning experience for your audience – regardless of whether the courses inside the platform are actually being altered.

Most people perceive name-brand cereal like Kellog’s to be much higher quality than store-brand (even though that’s not always the case).

The same can be said about a training portal that feels generic vs. an established and fully white-labeled one.

The Benefits to White-Labeling your LMS

Increase value of training

Learning on a platform where you can see the vendor’s name and logo advertised seems cheap – almost like you’re using a trial version of a software application. You want your audience to feel like the stars of the show when they’re enrolled in training.

Portals allow you to individually brand and white-label training environment so that customers feel more attached and serious about being enrolled in a program or course. If you’re selling B2B training then white-labeling should be emphasized even more because customers are paying!

Brand reflection

Maintaining brand identity during employee training and customer onboarding is important in the corporate environment because it plays a big role in creating excellent first impressions. Equally important, If you’re using your platform for public-facing portals, having an LMS that allows for white-labeling means your audience will be able to customize their portal to accurately represent their company.

Hide Vendor ties

Depending on your customer/s, hiding vendor logos and ties may be required. In any case, even if it’s not required, the most professional way to deliver and manage training is through a white-labeled system that replaces all vendor ties with your company’s logo, colors, messages, and other digital branding assets.

Hiding the names of vendors involved in your training may also help create a smoother experience for your learners; fewer distractions!

Flexible learning

Changes in L&D and training are inevitable. Using an LMS with white-labeling gives your customers the flexibility to update and personalize their learning platform as needed – so they NEVER feel “tied down” to the visual branding currently being used.

White-labeling also gives you and your customers the opportunity to create event-specific training on the fly.

Personalize user experience

Personalizing language, messages, colors/theme, UI, and other visual aspects in your platform can not only make training more enjoyable for an audience, but it can also make learning new skills easier. In addition, white-labeling can help create a sense of community and belonging for users to get behind while training – kind of like how high schools emphasize school spirit and mascots to increase turnout and students’ engagement at sports games!

How to White-label with Academy Of Mine LMS

Even though most companies aren’t looking for complex white-labeling solutions, our platform is designed to be easily customized and branded out of the box by default.

If you’re looking for more complex white-labeling solutions for your platform, we have a successful track record of customizing LMSs for customers! Just let us know what you need and we’ll build it for you.

White-label your LMS outside of the box:

Are You Ready to White-label Your LMS and Portals?

The benefits of using a white-labeled LMS are clear.

The question is, would having these features in your LMS empower you to train more effectively, retain customers for longer, and reduce the amount of time and money spent on training? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then switching to a white-labeled LMS is worth it!

Let’s talk and come up with a personalized solution for YOU!

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