A School of the Future Designed By Students

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The Council of Educational Facility Planners (CEFPI) is a professional association whose sole mission is improving the places where children learn. CEFPI members — individuals, institutions and corporations — are actively involved in planning, designing, building, equipping and maintaining schools and colleges.

Below you’ll see a video from a recent CEFPI school design competition done by a group of students from Eastview Middle School in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. One of the things they spoke about that I think most educators fail to properly incorporate into their educational strategy, is how their schools plan to interact with the outside community.

In the video below the students propose two interesting initiatives. One; the school itself is on public property and can be used by the general public (with restrictions of course) both during school hours and off hours as well.

Not only that, but student training doesn’t only take place within the school. The school itself reaches out to different companies, organizations and institutions within the community that will help support their education as well. Places like hospitals, business schools, creative studios, libraries, theatres and computer training centers to name only a few. What do you think of the proposal?

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