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Best WordPress LMS Plugins

2 min read | Feb 3, 2014
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There are a few plugins you should consider if you’re thinking about using WordPress as the eLearning platform to help you deliver your eCourses.


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If you decide to go out on your own here are a few WordPress plugins that can help you transform your Wordpress install into a powerful eLearning machine!


The first thing you’ll need to do is restrict your course content so that only students with a valid membership to your course can access your content content.

There are a few plugins that can help you with this

Restrict Content Plugin

Page Restrict Plugin

Restrict Category Plugin Plugin


The next thing you’ll want to do is add a social and interactive element to your restricted student only area. You can do this with one of two great plugins. You can use BuddyPress or WP Symposium. These plugins will allow your students and teachers to interact, share wall posts, email each other using private messaging and post on community forums.


Now that you have your content restricted and your social community set up you’ll want to start adding plugins that can deal with the process of quizzing and grading students. For this you might want to try Quiz Master Next, Watu. or mTouch Quiz.


There is a great plugin that can do many of the tasks that the plugins above can do and much more, but it’s not free. It’s called WP Courseware. It’s a pretty powerful WordPress plugin that can help you add a lot of great features and very useful functionality to your WordPress learning platform.

We hope you find this list of resources valuable!

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