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Booking Calendar for Online Coaching Website 

Next, you’re going to need a booking calendar for 1 on 1 video chat or group chat. You’ll want your customers to visit your website and see a listing of available coaching times and to be able to sign up. With our services, you get this and the calendar is automatically updated in real-time when your client books their spot.


You’re going to need to plan and integrate many other things as well. Including a long-tail search strategy, social networking integration, metrics which are super important because they make you accountable to everything! Podcasts to let people know you you are and to hear your voice, subscription software to let you charge recurring billing, tiered pricing models that allow you to charge different prices based on different service levels and so on.


Okay, so that’s a brief and partial overview of what you need your coaching front-end to do. So let’s zoom back out for a minute. And now lets zoom back in.. but this time to your client backend. This is where you actually do your coaching once you’ve got a client to sign up.




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