How Much To Pay Online Teachers?

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At some point in time, you’re going to need to step away from some of the teaching duties of your online course. Your ability to do this will depend greatly on the quality of teachers you can find in your niche, as well as on the price of your eCourse. An eCourse that is priced too low will have fewer resources and smaller margins which means that hiring teachers will be difficult. This is why learning how much to charge for your online course is so important! Choosing the right price for your eCourse will allow you to scale your online business and hire great online teachers.




There are multiple models for paying online teachers. Some eLearning companies pay on a per course basis. So if an online course is 1 month long, the teacher will be paid for their work for that one month. If they teach three courses that month they will be paid for each course.


Other eLearning companies pay their teachers based on the number of students who enroll in their online program. The more students who enroll in the course, the more the teacher gets paid.


Others decide to pay their teachers based on how many students finish the course.


Another model, which is the model we promote to our clients, involves being as efficient with paying teachers as possible and paying them based on the work they do. Nothing more and nothing less. We have an entire 30-minute podcast on this “incentivized method” of paying online teachers. It’s well worth the listen!




In today’s poll, we ask you how much you pay the online teachers for your eCourses. Regardless of which method you use to pay your teachers, break it down to an average hourly wage. We’re interested in knowing how much others are paying teachers for their online programs. Thanks for your participation!



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