4 Reasons To Use A SCORM Compliant LMS For Employee Onboarding

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Your business growth goes hand in hand with the number of highly-skilled and competent employees in your organization. It merely means that hiring the right candidates isn’t enough anymore; you have to retain them for an extended period to get the desired results. The first step to making it happen is to give them a smooth onboarding experience and help settle into the new environment comfortably. It’s recommended to use a SCORM compliant LMS for this purpose.

There are various reasons advocating the importance of an LMS in the employee onboarding process. We have put together four of them in this guide to give you a brief idea of why it’s crucial to replace your existing onboarding tool with a SCORM compliant LMS. But before getting into details, let’s understand the importance of employee onboarding and why organizations should be thoughtful about it.


Why Is Employee Onboarding Important?

From new startups to well-established multinationals, these days, almost every business has started taking employee onboarding more seriously than ever before. Here are some primary reasons responsible for this changing trend.

A well-planned onboarding can make the employee training process quick, thereby increasing the overall productivity without sidelining the learning curve.

Many organizations struggle to maintain profitability due to the high attrition rate. This study claims that the right employee onboarding can bring down this rate and improve employee retention in the long run.

With clarity about their role and responsibilities at the workplace right from the beginning, new employees can quickly settle down into the new environment and perform necessary duties more efficiently. The right employee onboarding process can make it happen naturally.

Hiring new talent is one of the costliest operations for an organization. A well-defined onboarding process ensures that you make the most of it by retaining the right talent and saving a substantial cost along the way.

Now that you have understood the importance of the employee onboarding process for your organization let’s discuss how to execute it efficiently.


LMS Vs. Onboarding Software

While using any random tools for employee onboarding may seem like an easy option, it doesn’t come close to an LMS in terms of features, let alone match its quality.

In addition to helping you with training delivery, an LMS can also analyze the impact of the onboarding process on employees. Besides, you can always integrate features like certifications and gamification in your LMS to increase employee engagement and make the onboarding process more impactful.

You cannot achieve the same results with a standard onboarding tool.

So, make sure you switch to an LMS, or better, a SCORM compliant LMS for employee onboarding. This step can make your eLearning course content shareable across multiple platforms and ensures that new candidates have a perfect onboarding and easily settle down into their respective roles.


Why Use An LMS For Employee Onboarding?

Now that you understand how important the employee onboarding process is for your company’s long-term success, leave no stone unturned to do it the right way. Switch to an LMS for employee onboarding instead of continuing with regular software. Here are the top four reasons why you should do it without delay.

Cost-Effective Solution

Usually, multiple onboarding tasks, such as content sharing, gamification, certification, team collaboration, reporting, etc. need more than one tool to get executed efficiently. A standard employee onboarding software alone cannot do much, so you are forced to use multiple tools for various tasks. It often makes the hiring & onboarding process a costly affair.

An LMS, on the other hand, ensures that you can use multiple tools and take care of several essential jobs efficiently right from one centralized system. That too, without incurring a substantial financial burden on your business.

Given the number of affordable LMS options available in the market, you can easily find the one that fits within your budget and does everything as expected.

LMS Is A Flexible Solution

A major problem with most employee onboarding tools is that they don’t offer flexibility to users. You have to integrate multiple third-party tools to accomplish all the tasks. Doing it manually not only eats a lot of time and energy but also costs your business a great deal. Moreover, it’s not convenient at all as your system keeps crashing every now and then.

A learning management system offers you the flexibility to publish and share content, pull data from various online resources, collaborate with teams, offer certifications, gamification, and do a lot more without facing any trouble.

In the long run, it ensures that new employees have a smooth and hassle-free onboarding experience.

LMS Offers More Than Just Onboarding Possibilities

An LMS is the most efficient tool for employee onboarding, but that’s not all it can perform. Right from allowing you to form an onboarding team to map multiple onboarding stages, plan and create eLearning content for new candidates, and schedule everything correctly, the LMS takes care of almost everything related to employee training and development.

Additionally, you can also monitor new employees’ progress as they pass through each learning curve and create assessment reports to know where they stand in the corporate and what else they need to improve to grow further.

More Control & Integrations

Imagine if the employee onboarding data could sync with the HR system in real-time and give you a brief look at an employee’s training records, scorecard, time taken to clear modules, etc. You could check CRM records from the same system to know if they had been communicating properly with customers and offering them the right solutions. Besides, you could also perform webinar integration, e-commerce setup, and payment options like Stripe and PayPal for various business activities.

It may seem not easy to perform all these activities simultaneously, but if you choose the right LMS, all of it can be done with a single click. It gives you complete control of multiple activities happening in the organization so that you can take necessary actions well in time and grow your business effortlessly.


Academy of Mine For Employee Onboarding

The concept of employee onboarding has changed entirely in the past few years. Now, almost every organization stresses integrating multiple tools into one LMS to improve productivity and get more done in less time.

You should also do the same and switch to a SCORM compliant LMS as soon as possible.

If you are looking for an LMS that’s affordable, efficient, and delivers more than what it promises for employee onboarding, check out the Academy of Mine LMS immediately.

It’s easy to use, comes packed with many unique features, and can integrate multiple third-party tools to make employee onboarding convenient. Give it a try and take the first step towards transforming your company culture with an innovative approach.

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