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Essential Features Of An LMS For B2B Training

4 min read | Dec 17, 2021
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According to Forbes, Research and Markets predict the online education market to grow to $350 Billion by 2025, and this forecast was made pre Covid-19. Virtual training has been gaining popularity among businesses of all industries for a while now, but after ‘The Great Resignation’ more businesses have begun relying on eLearning as the primary way to train their employees and customers.

There are many solutions for training enterprises and selling courses to other businesses, but the most common and effective solution involves using a Learning Management System (LMS). Some LMSs like Moodle or Canvas are specifically designed to support education, and some are better for B2B training or employee training. The point is, if you’re going to be using a cloud-based solution for extended enterprise training, then here’s what features your platform needs:

Customer Portals and Multi-Tenancy

Your platform must be able to onboard companies and enroll users in bulk for it to be effective at an extended enterprise level. One feature that enables your company to do all of these is called groups. Using groups in an LMS, otherwise known as portals; your company can create training environments for your customers that are kept separate from one another. These groups are usually managed by an admin from each of your customers’ teams and the only members able to go in and out of the portal are employees, partners, or whomever your customer’s audience is.

Each portal can be customized and white-labeled to visually represent a brand accurately.

One of our clients, Required Training Solutions, uses portals to deliver private compliance training to companies with more than 50 employees. In doing so, they can train a large number of companies at a time while keeping everyone’s sexual harassment training separate. Thanks to Single-Sign-On, RTS’s customers are also able to log in to their portals using their company email login credentials.

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Strong Notification System

Email notifications help learners stay on track in eLearning by reminding them or notifying them of any important news regarding the LMS/learning program. Email notifications could be anything from a virtual training session being canceled to a confirmation email about a test or assignment being graded.

When an employee registers for a course or needs to reset their password, it would be ridiculous if someone on your team had to manually email the customer this information. That’s the least scalable solution…EVER. Email notifications save your business time by automating this process.

A solid notification system doesn’t just rely on email but also is capable of sending notifications inside of the LMS.

E-commerce Support

By 2026, the total market size for eLearning worldwide is predicted to explode, reaching over 370 billion U.S. dollars!

E-commerce enables your company to take your content and sell it to customers (whether that be individual consumers or businesses). Some LMSs like ours have built-in page and website builders, so you can sell courses publicly without needing to use an external E-commerce solution like Shopify. One of our clients, GBAC Academy, does a spectacular job of training “professionals who want to prepare for, respond to, and recover from biological threats in the workplace” and they sell courses all the way from free to $300.


Your brand can always give you an edge over competitors.

Let’s talk about why your LMS needs to be customizable, and how customizing the platform to represent your brand can help with B2B training. Let’s take AAA Food Handler, for example, they have been providing food handler, food management, and food safety training to businesses for more than 35 years – you can see that their website uses certain colors, messaging, and a UI that is consistent and accurately depicts their brand.

Your company and its customers will never be limited by the current design and structure of an LMS, as long as it’s customizable. If you’re interested in learning more about the different ways you can customize your eLearning platform, here’s a comprehensive guide for you!

Blended Learning with Live-Instruction

According to Yahoo, “Standing at $1.57 billion in 2020, the global webinars and virtual events market will nearly triple in size to reach $4.44 billion in 2025.” Webinars and live synchronous learning are an integral part of eLearning.

When you’re dealing with hundreds if not thousands of LMS students for extended enterprise training, Webinars and Live events are the most realistic way to carry out certain business and training ordinances. For example, if you have a last-minute change happen in your organization and need to prepare 500 people for what is going to happen – assuming all 500 of them are going to read your email announcement and follow up promptly is risky. Train large groups of users on the spot with live virtual webinars.

Hanover Research, another one of our amazing clients, hosts a wide variety of corporate webinars and then offers the recordings as downloads for organizations afterward.

Customer Level Reporting

If you’re only using your LMS for offering eLearning internally, then customer-level reporting doesn’t matter because you’re only monitoring employee progress. However, with B2B training – your customers (various organizations) will need to report on their own employees and any other audiences they’re training.

An LMS that’s suitable for extended enterprise training is a platform that allows you to create different training portals for organizations, where customers can report on THEIR employees and customers!

Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

It’s critical that your LMS scales with you as you grow rather than hamstring your success.

Choosing a provider that offers an LMS with a reliable and scalable infrastructure ensures you can scale training and eLearning programs as needed. What we tell clients here at Academy Of Mine is that our LMS is a tool to help you fulfill your training needs; whether that means training ten users or THOUSANDS!

Who Has the Best LMS for B2B Training?

When it comes to B2B training, Academy of Mine provides everything you need to efficiently grow your training business and deliver eLearning at scale. The four clients we mentioned today are just a few of our amazing customers that excel in B2B training using our LMS.

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