How to choose an LMS for Compliance Training

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Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to administer compliance training is a low-cost, efficient way of getting an entire group of people on the same page quickly and safely. Rather than list the top 10 LMSs you could choose from, however, we think it is more valuable to teach you which features to look for in an LMS. That way, when you do your own searching you can evaluate the different systems for their effectiveness and value yourself.

Why Use a Learning Management System for Compliance Training?

A compliance training Learning Management System offers the same benefits to most businesses that automation does: it speeds up necessary processes, reduces waste and cost, and is easier to update and run for a long period of time.

Show compliance through digital records

An LMS is able to more easily show compliance for interested governmental or regulatory bodies. Often all one needs is to print out a spreadsheet to show which employees have completed the virtual training, providing legal coverage and proof of compliance.

Cost effective and repeatable

Using a Learning Management System to administer compliance training is cheaper than hiring a full time staff of people whose sole job it is to train new hires, retrain existing staff, and monitor adherence to the training. While an LMS isn’t going to be able to monitor the staff, it can do everything else, and it doesn’t take sick days or vacation. An automated answer to a constant need is a great way to save money and to do business more efficiently.

Less chance of delays due to conflicts in schedule

Since LMS training can be done virtually, your organization doesn’t need to rely on coordinating the schedules of various employees, managers and instructors. A compliance expert can be brought in to develop the LMS course, and then on their own time managers and employees can take the training. This is also helpful if you work in a company with a distributed workforce or many different stores in different cities or states: anyone in any building can get the same exact training.

SCORM compliant LMS For Employee Onboarding

What Does Your LMS Need For Successful Compliance Training?

Here are the things you want to make sure your LMS has when choosing between the various compliance training LMS platforms out there.

Granular Data Collection, Tracking & Reporting

The ability to get a large amount of data on any individual student who takes the training is highly valuable for a number of reasons. Primarily, because it can show exactly what the trainee was shown (which can often provide ironclad legal defense, if needed) and how long it took them to get to the right answer. Getting detailed reports from your LMS about average completion times, which sections caused the most trouble, and where people seemed to get bored also helps when designing the next version of the tests.

It is also important to be able to get this information and display it in a number of different ways through an effective reporting feature. The easier it is to display and organize the data the system is collecting, the easier it is to make decisions based on that data and present it to others.


A feedback solution is a key feature of any compliance training LMS worth its salt. Feedback from the students or trainees can be used to constantly improve the training, making it more effective over the long term. Tacking on a questionnaire at the end of some compliance training can provide a surprising amount of actionable data and highlight ways to improve the layout of the training, the type of content used, or even the total length.

Trainee Management Tools

The ability to not only grade, but evaluate and respond to questions from the individuals taking the compliance training is a must-have when considering an LMS. Because most LMS are digital, knowing how to manage trainees (or students!) in an eLearning environment is also of great value.

Integrations, Automations, & Misc. Features

While not absolutely vital, it is often extremely beneficial for a company to have a Learning Management System that integrates with their existing employee management and HR systems. Instead of having to juggle multiple passwords and systems, try to find an LMS that integrates (or can be integrated easily) with the system you already use.

Beyond that, a system that is partially automated takes the load off of your staff responsible for monitoring compliance and testing. If the system itself sends reminder emails and notifications not only to the employees but also to the HR team, it can remove a lot of the headaches caused when an employee says “But I thought I finished the training!”

Other features that are worth mentioning: the ability for the training to be administered on any device, not just a desktop computer; an integrated web-portal for the training to be hosted on; a customizable back-end system that can be tweaked to your specific industry needs; and a custom-login that can be given to compliance officials looking to double check that you’re good to go.

Pricing/Licensing Structure

A feature that isn’t far from the mind of most managers and team leaders is the cost of the training. Balancing the cost versus the features often leads to mental gymnastics on the part of a manager. But, keep in mind that the features you want often justify their cost when you compare them against the cost of a noncompliance fine from OSHA or a similar regulatory body.

It is also quite important to note whether your compliance training LMS retains the rights to the content you upload to it, or if you keep that data. Some LMSs will try to claim ownership of your own training as a way of keeping you tied to their system, so keep an eye out for that.

The Best Possible Compliance Training LMS Is Built With These 5 Things In Mind

A compliance training LMS should, at the bare minimum have the 5 features described above. We know, because we built ours to meet and exceed those basics. If you’re curious about what else Academy of Mine offers with its compliance LMS software, look no further.

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