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 How To Start A Coaching Business Online

Hello, Academy of Mine podcast listeners! I have a great chat planned for us today so thank you for stopping by and listening.


Today we’re going to talk about coaching and how coaches can optimize their coaching company by bringing their coaching business online.


Now up until this time, if you’ve already been coaching you know there are certain business limitations to coaching in the “real world.” The first and most obvious one is that you’re limited to clients in your geographic region if you’re meeting with them on a “face to face basis”.


Our goal today is to teach you how to break this time/space barrier by taking your services online.


Some of you might have actually already started to experiment with breaking the time/space limitations by coaching by phone. But even though you’ve solved the space issue with phone coaching you haven’t solved the “time” issue. Not only that, but there are certain advantages that online coaching offers your clients that phone coaching can’t. For example, there are additional interactive and education features you can provide your clients such as pre-recorded educational lessons, a thriving community of clients, screen sharing, group chat, private one on one video chat and much more.


So potentially your coaching platform could even be working for you even if you’re not around (something both phone coaching and face to face coaching can’t do). So there are huge advantages to taking your coaching company online.


So in this podcast, we’re going to talk about many things including…


  • Securing and delivering your coaching course online.
  • Setting up and automating the payment process for your clients
  • Integrating software for 1on1 video / broadcast video / text-based chat / file-sharing/ desktop sharing / whiteboarding and other coaching tools.
  • And much much more…


So let’s jump in.




First, I want to start by saying that I believe that online coaching is a world not totally taken advantage of by entrepreneurial-minded coaches yet. The main reason is generally that coaches find the technical setup of such a coaching system beyond their technical abilities.


But let me ask you this…. if you were able to overcome this technical limitation what would it mean for your company? What would it mean for you in terms of freeing up your most valuable resource… your time. And what would it mean for your company in terms of revenue generation?


Well in our experience, coaching online has allowed our clients to increase their income through the process of global scaling. And it allows them the freedom which they have never experienced before. Essentially, you could be coaching clients that reside in London while you’re living in a beach house in Costa Rica. That’s pretty cool.




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