Per a report from, organizations with revenue growth are more than twice as likely to use learning technologies in their L&D offerings to employees, linking the use of learning technologies with their success. In addition to this, more than half of all surveyed L&D departments (63%) reported that eLearning was the technology of choice in corporate training during 2019, winning over newer, cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality and gamification.

Defined as the delivery of learning and training via digital technology —or online learning— eLearning benefits both employees and employers alike, encapsulating an affordable and time-efficient training approach that can be tailored to any employee’s individual training needs. Conveniently, eLearning also offers L&D departments performance analytics to measure the success of training programs and establish benchmarks for future growth.

If you’re new to online employee training course sales consider this:

An IBM study found that for every $1 invested in online employee training a company gets $30 of increased productivity.

Can you think of anything else that so easily results in a 3000% ROI for a business?

Once B2B business relationships are established, course sales also have the potential to be scalable with exponential growth over the long term.

To read about the benefits, strategies and what you’ll need to know to sell your online courses directly to businesses for their employees, be sure to read how to earn 20% more by selling eLearning courses directly to companies for employee training.

What software solution is needed to sell my online courses directly to organizations for their employee training?

Like any eLearning course, for online employee training to be accessed and completed by students courses need to be hosted in an eLearning platform. However, when selling B2B online employee training courses it is very important to keep in mind that not every LMS is created equal and that most learning management systems actually will not meet your needs. While the vast majority of platforms will support the media formats and course designs that your courses are comprised of, be aware that not every platform will support both the necessary student access and company access to courses.

What exactly does this mean? Given the significant financial investment companies make in employee training, it goes without saying employers need to be able to see individual employee course progress as well as measure overall progress of employee training cohorts. To facilitate this, you need to make sure any LMS that you use supports both employee course access and employer access to enroll, onboard and manage their employees.

For many companies, employee training may involve purchasing hundreds (if not thousands) of online course seats for employees that require training. Naturally, the more students that need training and the more courses they need to take, the more time and effort that will be required to manage students’ enrollment while also tracking individual student progress and group performance as a whole.

Fortunately, there are platforms with Group management features allowing for company-level admin account access, including course access and student administration controls. Any LMS with the option of a Group management features also benefits you as a course owner in the B2B space:

  • Easily sell bulk course packages to Groups (companies, organizations, etc.), with instant access to course content and student enrollment upon purchase.
  • Saving you time, at their convenience Groups may onboard, enroll and manage their own employees and students on their own timeline.
  • Group level admins maintain control of their own students, including student data, course access and reporting.
  • Group admins may create other Group sub admins to co-manage employees, with the option within the same organization to also setup separate group of students to be managed by different Group admins.
  • Ensuring data protection and privacy, Groups’ access to the platform, courses, students’ data and enrollment is completely siloed at the group-level; Group admins never interact with any student’s data outside of their organization.
  • With courses automatically updated across the platform via universal course content management controls, reduce overhead, decrease unnecessary effort and ensure Groups instantaneously have access to the most current course versions.


See below for a preview of Academy Of Mine’s Group platform feature.

The Group feature allows you to easily create Group Admin accounts, give specific course access and assign student licenses for each course (choose a specific quantity or allow unlimited student seating).



With the Group feature view and easily manage all Group accounts via your dashboard.

Using the Group feature, Group admins can easily enroll employees in a course:

  • Email a self-registration link
  • Bulk student upload via a CSV file
  • Enroll existing students in a new course

There is also the option to set up automated emails to notify employees of their course enrollment.

Group admins have various options to manage existing students:

  • Assigning students to a specific sub admin
  • Resetting or revoking a student’s access
  • Removing a student
  • Assigning a course certificate
  • Extending a course’s duration
  • Enrolling an existing student in a new course by issuing a course license


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