eCourse Sellers: How Many Keywords Are You Optimizing Courses With?

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We’ve been on a little bit of a keyword kick lately. We’re obsessed with this topic and this is one area that we really focus on helping our eCourse selling members succeed. We provide training, strategy and tools that help eCourse sellers grow their educational companies by allowing them to research keywords and phrases and then reverse engineer those terms to find out, not only what the global average volume and advertiser competition is for those terms, but also how competitive the terms are in organic search.

In a recent poll, we asked “how much time/month do you spend on keyword planning” for your eCourse? In another article, we talked about various ways to analyze keyword data to ensure you’re chasing after the “low hanging fruit”. However, in this poll, we wanted to ask you a strategy question. We want to know how many search terms you’re actively engaged in optimizing your e-Course site for?

The keyword here is “actively“. If you are publishing 10 blog posts/month on your eCourse website, but not doing anything other than posting those articles on Facebook and Twitter and then moving on to your next piece of content, we wouldn’t consider that “actively”. We want to know how many pages within your site you’re actively trying to get on page 1 for. This means that you’ll be engaged in page, title, social and link optimization (to name only a few activities). Without, of course, over-optimizing.

Essentially, if you were to think about your organic ranking as a race, how many terms are you really focused on winning for (showing up on the main results page)? Are you hyper-focused on 1, 5, 25 or 500 terms?

We find that for many people we talk to, this is often just an “accidental process”. We’ve heard people say “if it happens it happens… if not… we’ll we’ll just keep publishing until one sticks”.

You can vote below using our poll, but we encourage you to talk about your specific strategy in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas about strategies you’ve used that have worked in helping you gain additional organic search exposure for your online courses.

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